Thunderclap: #PlasticFreeFriday live!

Civic Boston • 9 March 2018
Link to Thunderclap

Since we started Plastic Free Friday a month ago, we've been amazed at the response. Over 6,000 people from around the world have pledged to go plastic free on Fridays, and that's just the start... 

Take the pledge and find out more:

For this live Q&A, Plastic Surgery, on Fri 16 March from 12.15-1pm, we're joined by journalist, TV presenter and plastics expert Lucy Siegle, who will chair a discussion with plastics campaigner Julian Kirby, plastic-free mum Bettina (@thezerowaster) and plastic-collector Daniel Webb (@everydayplastic). We also want to hear your experiences, and invite you to ask questions to the panel too! 

We would like as many people as possible to see the broadcast and be inspired to get involved with #PlasticFreeFriday! Watch it live on Facebook: or Instagram: 

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