Thunderclap: Congress Must Say #NayToSRA

Civic DC • 27 February 2018
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For over three decades, Congress has funneled federal funds into ineffective, harmful abstinence-only programs, recently re-branded as “Sexual Risk Avoidance.” And it’s cost over $2 billion.

“Sexual Risk Avoidance,” or “SRA” might sound harmless. But, in reality, it’s full of misinformation based in fear, gender stereotypes, and shaming tactics. “SRA” is just a new name for the same old abstinence-only-until-marriage approach to sex ed that decades of research tell us, simply, does not work.

And yet, Congress continues to fund these failed programs.

Enough is enough.

On March 1, 2018, we’re urging Congress to eliminate funding for these shame-filled programs. It’s past time we focus funding on sex ed that actually works.

Young people deserve to be taught accurate, comprehensive information that will allow them to make informed, sound decisions to ensure their health and wellbeing now and for the rest of their lives.

Join us in telling Congress to say, #NayToSRA!

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